About Us


Interior Design Toronto was born out of frustration.

As the husband of a busy interior designer, I frequently am "asked" to tag along on shopping trips and carry boxes of tiles or lighting fixtures or antique armoires. During one particularly long shopping trip, it finally dawned on me that Toronto's interior design marketplace is scattered all over the city and that there is no giant "mall directory" to help non-interior designers find all the cool shops run by cool people that my wife catalogues in her designer brain.

And not even the big brains at Google are much help.

Toronto's most interesting design & decor stores are small businesses that don't have the money, connections or SEO skills to make it onto the first few pages of a Google search. Which sucks hard...for both the shopkeepers and the shoppers.

Because I have a low threshold for things that suck, I decided to build a great big database of Toronto's interior design & home decor stores.  organised that database by products sold and geographic location and then I jammed all that stuff into this website.  And if that wasn't enough, I signed up for every single newsletter feed and started blogging about upcoming sales, new products, and new stores.

And that's how Interior Design Toronto was born.