LOVEWOOD Introduces Schotten&Hansen Hardwood Flooring to Toronto

In today’s post, I am introducing you to two fabulous companies: LOVEWOOD and Schotten&Hansen.

LOVEWOOD is a small Canadian hardwood flooring company dedicated to beautifully made hardwood floors. The company’s founder, Zoltan Ernszt was originally trained as a mechanical engineer in Hungary. In 1988, he arrived in Toronto and began renovating homes. Over the past 20 years, Zoltan shifted his focus onto the craft of fitting, sanding and finishing hardwood floors. After years of practice & training, Zoltan not only became a master of the craft, he created and grew one of the GTA’s most well respected hardwood finishing businesses : Zoltech.

LOVEWOOD, a hardwood showroom open to trades, design professionals and the general public is the logical evolution of Zoltech.

Recently, I was looking online at some products made by German hardwood flooring manufacturer Schotten&Hansen and was curious if they were available in Canada. After speaking with a S&H sales rep, I was informed that LOVEWOOD is the exclusive Schotten&Hansen sales partner in Toronto and has featured Schotten&Hansen as their high-end flooring and interior line.

About Schotten&Hansen

Schotten&Hansen specializes in wide plank European oak flooring and matching interior elements. This includes wall panels, acoustic panels, stairs, furniture, doors and even luxury yacht interior panels.

Schotten&Hansen manufactures all of their products in southern Germany, in a facility near Munich. Complete control of the manufacturing process allows them to custom make every order to meet their clients’ needs AND ensure the use of 100% natural ingredients in all their finishing, maintenance and cleaning products.

Schotten&Hansen has designed first-class interior elements since 1984. Torben Hansen is the company’s visionary. Nature is his source of inspiration. Over a course of 30 years, the trained carpenter has used his creativity and devotion to transform his once small restoration shop into a company providing wooden floorboards, parquet and interior elements worldwide. His most recent achievement was the development of more than 800 oak colors, using only natural color pigments.

In their own words….

Schotten&Hansen considers human health to be a valuable good. That’s why we work with natural materials only, the kind you come into contact with every day in body care products or in the foods you eat. Our products appeal to all of your senses, providing open, breathing surfaces that help you create attractive and healthy indoor spaces. There’s no place for solvent-based paints or glues in our products.

For us, true sustainability goes beyond conserving resources. We consider our work to be a way of extending the lives of the trees we work with, in a different form. All of our products are developed and manufactured to last a lifetime, and are glued together in a waterproof manner. They can be renewed without sanding, and are not susceptible to changes in any climate. Our surfaces offer a unique level of quality. Products from Schotten & Hansen are made for life, are waterproof and can be installed in any climate in the world.

Every product we make is produced to order. We treat every commission individually, factoring in customer preferences for the wood, the choice of more than 800 colours, the character, the texture and the finish. With our innovative thinking and unshakably enquiring spirit we can make almost any project a reality; from classic flooring to acoustic panels and interiors for luxury yachts.

Machines are no match for the perfection we can achieve with hand craftsmanship . Traditional German woodworking techniques lie at the heart of many of our processes, complemented by advanced technology. Each item is finished by hand: it is hand planed, brushed, smoked and coloured by our master craftsmen before being assessed by the most exacting equipment of all…the human eye. All the materials we use to finish and care for our products are developed, produced and tested by us, refining and preserving the inherent beauty of the natural wood we use.

What’s New at Schotten&Hansen

Schotten&Hansen’s is proud of their newly revised acoustic panel board as it is among the best rated wooden acoustic boards in the world. Apart from the technical specs, clients love that it is available in all custom finishes as all our other products. For these reasons, Schotten&Hansen's acoustic panel was awarded with the prize “Best product of the show” in the architecture materials category at the BDWest design fair for the hotel industry in California.

Future plans for Schotten&Hansen

After successfully expanding into the US market, Schotten&Hansen is now aiming at winning the hearts of architects, designers, as well as home, hotel and restaurant owners throughout Canada.

Where to buy Schotten&Hansen products in Toronto"?

As mentioned above, LOVEWOOD is the exclusive Schotten&Hansen sales partner in Toronto.

In addition to being the exclusive Schotten&Hansen sales partner in Toronto, LOVEWOOD carries products from European manufacturers Adler Parkett, Mafi and unfinished material for on-site finishing. In additon to selling hardwood flooring from their showroom at 483 Dupont St., LOVEWOOD is a full service company that provides everything from flooring, installation to long term maintenance.

At LOVEWOOD, you can choose from a broad range of domestic and European hardwood samples, natural oils, waxes and maintenance products. On site, the team of wood-workers will produce well made, beautiful floors.

Their interest and focus lies on only providing products and services of the highest quality available. Dedication, knowledge and hard work is what characterises the team at LOVEWOOD. Clients get the full service package and never have to worry about anything when working with Zoltan and his team at LOVEWOOD.

What’s New at LOVEWOOD

LOVEWOOD has recently added Adler Parkett to their product portfolio. The wide range of Adler’s all natural flooring lines can be a great alternative for Schotten&Hansen products. Contact Zoltan and his team at LOVEWOOD for technical specs recommendations for your specific application.


LOVEWOOD is located at 483 Dupont St. Unit 102 in Toronto’s Midtown design district.

Douglas Robb