What's New at Lightform

What’s new at LightForm?

Seletti's Irreverent Lighting Collections

Seletti's products exist at the junction of art, design, & entertainment. Even the most eccentric concepts are infused with Italian sophistication.

The entertainer of the design world, Seletti dares to dream when it comes to its range of original lighting. The result is a surreal circus filled with lamps shaped like monkeys, bananas, flowers and elephants—each one reflective of the brand’s unique blend of humour and Italian excellence.

Since its inception in 1954, Seletti has regularly collaborated with top-tier international talent including designers Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Studio Job, BBMDS and Studio Badini. From its fun take on the luxurious Tiffany Lamp to its stylish selection of alphabet lights, a glimmer of delight is always present. For this reason, Seletti is an ideal choice for illuminating design hotels, stylish restaurants or residential projects in need of an imaginative expression.

New at Lightform include Seletti's Banana Lamp, Bird Lamps, Jurassic Lamps, Monkey Lamps, Mouse Lamps…and of course Jobby the Cat (see below)

lightform is one of Toronto's premier retailers of lighting fixtures.

lightform is located in the Queen West - Parkdale - Roncesvalles design district.

Jobby the Cat can travel from room to room like any typical feline. He is rechargeable and his eyes light up when you push his magic gold coloured button!