Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on Ernestomeda

Today's Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Ernestomeda… of Toronto's premier retailers of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Appliances, Wardrobes/Walk-in Closets, Furniture, Lighting, Wallpaper, Kitchen Accessories (plates, wine glasses pots, pans, slicers, knives etc.)   All 100% made in Italy.

What brands does Ernestomeda represent?

  • Ernestomeda - Kitchens (Italy) 100% certified

  • Gaggenau - Appliances (Germany)  (Italy)

  • Antoniolupi - Bathrooms, REXA - Bathrooms  (Italy)

  • Dall'Agnese - Closets Furniture  (Italy)

  • N.O.W. edizioni - Wallpaper on Demand (Italy) 

  • Artemide - Lighting  (Italy)

  • KnIndustrie (plates, wine glasses, pots, pans)  (Italy)

  • Berkel - hand forged knives, iconic slicers on pedestals  (Italy)

Store Locations

Ernestomeda’s Toronto showroom is located in Midtown at Designers Walk Building #1, 354 Davenport Rd. Suite G1

Company History

Ernestomeda Toronto was founded in 2015 with the opening of our first flagship store dedicated to Ernestomeda kitchens, the company rapidly grew by adding product lines with Antoniolupi bathrooms.

What makes Ernestomeda unique?

Ernestomeda Toronto is an interior design and procurement firm with a retail flagship store exclusively dedicated to some of the top brands of home furnishing goods all 100% certified "made in Italy" offering LEED certification kitchens

The firm specializes in modern design of kitchen, bathrooms, closets, shelving systems, furniture and lighting for high end residential projects and some commercial and multi-unit applications.

The company serves as a resource for architects and interior designers. Inspired by passion for design, curiosity for the potential of space and materials the firm often takes risk behind clients demand.

To that end, Ernestomeda reps frequently sit down with design industry professionals….educating & inspiring on how Ernestomeda products, design and customer service can help elevate their designs.

What's new in store?

Ernestomeda’s sister company italDESIGN, will soon be opening their new location in the King St East design district

italDESIGN Group Ltd.
325 King St East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1L1

Plans for the future

Ernestomeda is proud to announce that they have partnered with MisuraEmme and Viva Porte. These high end brands will both be added to their new flagship store in the King East design district.


MisuraEmme is an iconic Italian brand in the furniture, closets and shelving systems industry. 
MisuraEmme produces high end furniture characterized by a high level of personalization and one on-one designs with the client.

Viva Porte 

Viva Porte is an internationally-oriented company. The value of “Made in Italy” is fundamental to them, since it embodies the concepts of the dexterity of their craftsmanship and the precision of their industrial manufacturing processes….that results in the production of their high quality doors.

The outcome of over a century of artisan culture, blended with investments in state-of-the-art production technologies, bringing together specific technical skills with the culture of “knowing how to do it”. The company's vocation is to offer distinctive doors built around unique technologies, suited to the tastes of a varied international clientele, while leading and interpreting the global trends, and offering a high level of customization and customer service.

Contact Info

Building 1 - 354 Davenport Road
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1K6

NOTE: Ernestomeda is opening a brand new showroom in Spring 2019 at:

325 King St. East
King East Design District
Toronto, Ontario


Douglas Robb