Zaneen introduces Sign Diva

Zaneen Architectural is proud to introduce Sign Diva…..the next generation of their disc series.

The new design has a lower profile with a variety of mounting systems and optics. Sign Diva can be suspended with either a central cable or a central rod system.

  • DANCER uses a patented swiveling system with tool-free adjustment and a range of +/- 50° in 10° increments with the disc tiltable +/-90°. In the larger versions, additional support is needed using suspensions.

  • DANCER PLAY version enables maximum flexibility and creative compositions for ceiling and walls.

Sign Diva offers two new diffusor options: SPARKLING SECRET (SPS) and VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL (VI), in addition to the existing opal and micro prismatic glare-free covers.

  • SPS enhances the sparkling effect of the LED’s;

  • VI is a clear honeycomb prismatic diffusor that creates a unique light effect based on the angle of sight.

For color play, KORONA EFFECT is available in two versions: FRAME in 25 painted colors and SHINE which is a translucent plexi ring available in 6 colors (white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green).

The AURA effect is the indirect light option which offers the same 6 color options. Power cables in the suspension versions come in clear, white, black, and red. The body of the fixture is constructed of aluminum and available in 25 Colors.

Zaneen is one of Toronto's premier retailers of lighting fixtures.

Zaneen showroom is located in the Castlefield design district at 30 Tycos Drive

Douglas Robb