What's New at Marble Trend

Marble Trend has some gorgeous new slabs in their Uptown showroom. Below is a sample of what’s new at Marble Trend.


Deep hues of blue energetically flow through the canvas of the incredible Explosion slabs. A complimenting vein with hues of violet and cream move across the richly coloured slab, creating the ripple effect that gives this slab its unique identity. Available now at Marble Trend in size 124" x 74" x 2cm in a semi-polished finish.

Arabescato Corchia

Arabescato Corchia is a bold but classic marble that features cloud like grey toned veining patterns. Slabs of Arabescato Corchia are now available at Marble Trend in polished finish & bookmatched in size 119" x 64"

Calacatta Executive

Calacatta Executive marble offers a classic yet modern look for any project. This product features a soft white background with defined and shadowed grey veining. Available now at Marble Trend polished & bookmatched in size 117" x 75" x 2cm.

Seta Grigio

Seta Grigio is a contemporary marble that showcases hues of smoky charcoal grey tones and elongated white veining throughout. Slabs of Seta Grigio are now available in polished finish size 117" x 63" x 2cm.

Avocatus Quartzite

Avocatus Quartzite features hues of deep and warm green tones, with white and black accents swirled throughout the slabs. This new shipment of Avocado is available now at Marble Trend in size 110" x 26" x 2cm in a semi-polished finish.


Statuarietto features frequent, fine grey veins that enrich the marble's characteristic white background. This new shipment of Statuarietto is available now at Marble Trend in size 133" x 66" x 2cm in a Polished finish

Marble Trend is one of Toronto's premier retailers of tile & stone.

Marble Trend is located in Uptown Toronto at 310 Oakdale Road.

Douglas Robb