New at Marble Trend - Stone Italiana

Marble Trend is proud to introduce their exclusive collection of Stone Italiana recomposed quartz products & surfaces.

Established in 1979, Stone Italiana is a leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz and marble surfaces. Over the years, Stone Italiana’s production has been a reflection of a new way of perceiving and using stone, something much like a semantic revolution. Stone Italiana has rediscovered qualities which are found in the natural world, such as uniqueness, non-repeatability and variety, yet it never tried to imitate nature.

Rather, it has drawn inspiration from it to develop brand new materials that offer improved performance to an ever more discerning market. Research is Stone Italiana’s way of being and interacting with ideas, design and intuitions. 

Now available in Toronto, Stone Italiana's Native Line includes six quartz-based colours combining the luxurious veins of natural stones with the durability and ease of maintenance that Stone Italiana quartz surfaces are renowned for.

Marble Trend is one of Toronto's premier retailers of tile & stone.

Marble Trend is located in Uptown Toronto at 310 Oakdale Road.

Douglas Robb