KROFT Studio End of Summer Sale

KROFT Studio's end of summer sale is on now. Below is a listing of the specific items that are sale.

Buoy Nightstands
The Buoy floating nightstand has been a big hit for KROFT. They have decided to amalgamate the two available sizes into one new size. As a result they have some sales on old inventory that is no longer available through our website.

  • (1)Buoy Too / Oak / Large (21 x 7 x 12) $370
  • (1)Buoy Too / Oak / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $330
  • (4)Buoy 10 / Watermelon / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $265
  • (2)Buoy 10 / Salmon / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $295
  • (2)Buoy / White / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $319
  • (1)Buoy / Navy / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $319
  • (1)Buoy Too / Pine / Standard (18 x 6 x 12) $290
  • (4)Buoy Stretch (2 drawers wide) / White / 41 1/4 x 7 5/8 x 12 $520 

KROFT has 3 Ash mirrors left and are phasing out our pigmented lacquered Mirrors. Clear Ash or any in stock house colored mirrors are $699.

Sill Shelves
KROFT has one oxford white and one black sill shelf in the old size (11 x 8 3/4). $35/each.

KROFT also has the following available:

  • Portland Side Table / $129
  • 42" Stir Bench in Smoke White / $189
  • Salmon Stir Stool / $149
  • Doodle Table / 60 x 36 / Ash/Black / $799
  • More sales on Doodle Tables...

Please note that delivery is not included on any of these items.



KROFT is a thriving local manufacturer that is focused on developing its line of furniture and objects and working with Architects and Designers on custom commissions and projects. 

KROFT has been featured in Remodelista, Dwell Magazine, Design Milk, Design Milk Everyday, Monocle Magazine, Azure Magazine, House & Home, Interior Design Magazine amongst other media.

Owner Dustin Kroft's second act as a furniture designer and maker started after a long career in the service industry. Kroft, an architecture buff and creative thinker, had an aching feeling that something was amiss in his work life. After 14 years in his first business, he decided to sell his company. The timing of this sale coincided with an academic and personal pursuit of fine furniture making and design which helped him flow from one field to another. Risking everything, he knew that his passion for the craft and good design could be leaned on as he started a new business from scratch.

After setting up shop and finding accomplished furniture makers to join his team, Kroft set out to build a furniture brand that would make accessibility its core objective.

KROFT is located in Concord at 11-124 Connie Crescent.

KROFT is one of Toronto's premier retailers of seating, storage, tables, decor & accessories