What's New at KROFT

A year ago, KROFT launched their Slant Shelf, designed as a solution for anyone looking for a well made vertical storage system. One year later, they are releasing 2.0 version with some slight modifications and the addition of an integrated leather strap to add some extra security.

This brand-new wall shelf is available in Natural White Oak finish and is a great vertical storage solution for the home office, commercial workplace or for creative uses like menu storage for a restaurant or glassware in the kitchen.

A handcrafted wall shelf or rack meant to create storage for the home office or commercial workplace. An integrated leather strap disappears in the shelf gables to offer some security for any items leaning in the shelf. Intended as well to store anything from wine bottles to menu's at a local cafe.

  • 24" or 36" wide x 10" high x 4 1/2" deep with approximately 3 3/4" of shelf space

  • Made with White Oak finished with a hand rubbed oil and wax

  • Fastens to the wall with solid brass screws and anchors that we provide

  • Color of leather can vary

  • Custom Leather is an possible but with COM

KROFT is located in Concord at 11-124 Connie Crescent.

KROFT is one of Toronto's premier retailers of seating, storage, tables, decor & accessories

Douglas Robb