5 Design Trends in Sydney for 2019

Today’s guest post comes sunny Australia. Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for euromarble.com.au in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.

Today, Nicole is writing about five of the hottest interior design trends in Sydney for 2019.

5 Design Trends in Sydney

As 2019 begins, new design trends have emerged in Australia’s homes. Right now, the design is no longer only about making the space look good and eye-pleasing, but about maximum use of the space, introducing new features and functionalities, and using furniture that looks ‘clean’ and reflects the inner piece the modern human is striving to achieve.

Below, we are listing the five design trends that are transforming Aussies’ homes into nooks of cosiness and comfort.

Spaces Oozing with Calm and Clarity

With Marie Kondo’s popularity on the rise, not even Aussies have escaped the tidying up craze. Everyone seems to be optimising the living and working space for maximum functionality and productivity.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the decluttered, minimalistic spaces oozing with calm are trending right now.

Scandinavian design and lots of plants is the winning combination adopted by Aussies looking to escape the frenetic pace of modern life and transform their homes into their nooks of clarity and serenity.

How to create such a feeling of comfort and softness without compromising on style?

Go for furniture with soft edges inspired by organic shapes, make the rooms more welcoming by using soft materials, and choose chalky tones and pastel colours for your walls and cabinets (especially in your kitchen).

Homey Office Design

Blurring the line between the home and the office is an ongoing trend that does not look like it’ll lose momentum any time soon. With people spending more than half of their day in their office, it is only natural that companies try to drive productivity and motivation by transforming the traditional office into a space that feels cosier, and nurtures creativity and inspiration.

Companies do this in various ways, one of them being adding ergonomic design. Introducing standing desks have created quite the impact at Australian offices, as a way to offer flexibility and promote health in the company.

Having said that, the quickest way to achieve a homey office design is to add greenery. Minimalistic style and neutral colours are trendy in office design as well but be careful not to make the office look too calm and even uninteresting. The line between minimalistic and bland is thin, so consider adding a pop of colour by choosing vibrant details.

Comfortable Outdoors with an Interior Design Touch

As you could see so far, comfort is in the focus of modern design. Top that with Aussies’ love for the outdoors, and you will understand why exterior design have started to follow the same cues as interior design.

The backyard is currently treated as a second living room, where people can enjoy the good weather, rest, and entertain. As a result, not only have homeowners started choosing living room style furniture for their terraces, but they have also started adding fabrics, lanterns, and fireplaces to their outdoor designs.

Another trend is creating a seamless mixture between the interior and the exterior using large glass doors and windows, and high ceilings that expand the living space and create a sense of intimacy at the same time.

Statement Secondary Spaces

Right now, designers pay attention to every single corner of your home, as each part of the space can serve as a way to make a statement and introduce new functionality in your house.

So that space under the stairs that once upon a time was just a forgotten area and a design afterthought is now utilized to its full potential, to add various useful features. So, any void and corner now have the potential to become a study, a children’s’ play area, or storage.

Decor and Unique Pieces of Furniture

The following year will be all about finding décor and statement pieces of furniture that express one’s individuality and uniqueness.

To fully take advantage of this trend, choose pieces that are extra ordinary, not fearing handmade items that add perfection to your space with their unique imperfections.

Adding a statement piece, unique décor, and soft materials to your decluttered, minimalistic space will be what ensures that your home is anything but boring.

Final Notes

In modern times, interior and exterior design trends emerge as a response to the lifestyle changes of most people. The home is not considered as only a roof above one’s head, but as a place where one can escape everyday challenges presented by the hectic pace of life.

As a result, creating a sense of homeyness has never been more important to designers around the world, and in Australia in particular. Using soft tones, shapes and materials, flexible minimalistic design, and adding a pop of personality through the use of decorative pieces and statement furniture is a way to achieve that. With Aussies being outdoor people, the backyard is included in the ‘makeover’ along with the indoor space as well.

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for euromarble.com.au in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.

Nicole Andrews