Prime Walls Introduces Van Gogh 2.0 Wallpaper Collection

Prime Walls is proud to introduce their newest residential collection - Van Gogh 2.0 - to the GTA.

This unique wallpaper collection puts a contemporary spin on many of Van Gogh's traditional oil paintings - each pattern is actually sampled from an original Van Gogh painting. Blooming flowers climb the walls while heavy texture mimics the look and feel of oil brush strokes to create a realistic effect.

Prime Walls sells to designers, architects, contractors and purchasing companies within the commercial market. Prime Walls is more than a manufacturer of wallcoverings; their unique collections are carefully selected by designers from all over the world bringing you original designs with top quality selections that will meet all of your project needs. Prime is capable of producing custom wallcoverings to any specification. Their Markham facilities permit total flexibility in color, weight and embossing.

The Prime Walls showroom at 570 Alden Road, Unit 6, Markham is open to designers, architects, contractors and purchasing companies by appointment only.

NOTE: If you’ve fallen in love with some of these Van Gogh wallpapers, shoot me an email at and I will put you in contact with a designer who can make the purchase for you :)

Douglas Robb