What's New at Bergo Designs - March 2019

Q: What’s new at Bergo Designs???

A: Bergo Designs has a bunch of interesting new pieces coming into their Distillery District showroom. Here are 3 of my favorites…


The legendary architect/designer Philippe Starck has reinterpreted “Dédé” – a cult object he designed in 1996. Originally produced in aluminum, the new smaller version is in thermoplastic resin and designed to be a doorstop. 

Dédé is waiting. For life? For love? Whilst he is waiting, he considers opening or closing the door. Like me. - Philippe Stark

Bulbing LED Table Lamp

Each unique Bulbing LED Table Lamp, designed by Nir Chehanowski of Israeli design firm Studio Cheha, creates a powerful optical illusion that challenges our comprehension of space. The lamps attempts to alter our perception of everyday objects by using 3-D forms as the basis of 2-D designs. A flat 5mm acrylic sheet is engraved with incised lines that give the lamp dimensionality. The sheet is inserted into a birch wood base, with the LED light traveling through the lines to illuminate the design. ZIGGi and City have an iron base with a dimmable switch. Enjoy the wonder of light and enter a new dimension where 2D and 3D design unite.

Mini Cork Globe

Standing at 18cm tall on a stainless steel base, the Mini Cork Globe from Suck UK let's you pinpoint your travels and those places on your bucket list. Designed by Chiaki Kawakami this globe makes a great addition to the decor of anyone with wanderlust.

UPDATE: As of September, 2019, it looks like Bergo no longer stocks this product :(

Bergo Designs is one of Toronto’s premier home decor retailers

Bergo Designs is located in the King East - Distillery District design district at 28 Tank House Lane

Douglas Robb