What's New at Elte - April 2019

Q: What's New at Elte?

A: QUINCY!!!!!

With a curved back and arms that hug the body and provide elegant style, Elte’s modern Quincy sofa features a streamlined bench seat and rich velvet upholstery for a sophisticated look.

Quincy is all about crafting a luxuriously intimate space. Smooth edges are conducive to seating more people and its rounded back makes face-to-face interaction all the more seamless

Quincy’s Hollywood-Regency-inspired design, with its dramatic lines and lush velvet upholstery, is strikingly modern while retaining retro-glam appeal.

And with 20% off during Elte’s Living Room Event, Quincy could hardly be more inviting if it tried.

Elte is one of Toronto's premier retailers of outdoor furniture, hardware, office furniture, storage furniture, bedroom furniture, lighting, seating, rugs & carpets, tables , media furniture and home decor accessories.

Elte is located in the Castlefield Design District at 80 Ronald Avenue

Douglas Robb