What's New at Toronto's Post Design Collective for Summer 2019

Post Design Collective is one of Toronto's premier retailers of high quality, authentic vintage furniture from the Mid-Century era….and their Summer 2019 collection has finally been released!

Because I love my readers so darn much, I convinced Amanda & JP to write the following guest post showcasing the new collection…..enjoy.

What's New at Post Design Collective

You all have been very patient for this set - with birthdays, weddings and trips all coming at us seemingly at once over the past month, we did our very best to continue to deliver beautiful, authentic, and high quality mid-century pieces into your daily lives. Our early summer collection features a slew of minimalist, Mid-Century Danish and North American teak and walnut pieces, from the likes of Clausen and Son, Punch Design, Maurer, and more….

We have been lucky enough to also include a few pieces that, although are not designer names, bring the function, ambience and character that the originals intended. These include the classic Charles and Ray Eames Lounger for Herman Miller®, as well as a beautifully sculpted lip coffee table designed to match the likes of Arne Hovmand Olsen - a true Danish staple in any Mid-Century home.

For those of you with a bit more room and a need for much more storage, we are proud to also offer 2 full size, completely modular wall units. A rarity to find, and a spectacle to see, these large units steal the show in any room, while being some of the most practical and beautiful pieces of any collection. While we still have more units in stock, these are the ones that made it for this release!

Post Design Collective - Wall Unit #1

Our first setup, is a walnut Maurer Furniture 3-bay free standing combination with 5 open shelves, 6 box cabinets including one lockable for liquor (with the original key), all supported by 4 matte black rectangular frames on adjustable feet. This is a superb design, simple, yet effective includes loads of storage space, with and the infinity mirror locking cabinet being great to secretly hide away some alcoholic beverages. This piece has roots stemming from Germany, Belgium and Canada, we've been proud to have this piece set up and arranged in our bedroom since we have taken photos of it. It really is a treat to wake up to every morning.

Post Design Collective - Wall Unit #2

The next unit, is a detachable 2-bay free standing sections composed with teak shelving and structure members, with intricate rosewood details. This set derives from Africa, an oddity in the mid-century market, but is just as beautiful as an danish piece. 3 Boxed cabinets pair well with several open shelves, and can act as a great storage combo in a small room. The ability to split the two bays really gives an edge for rooms with limited layout options, and would work extremely well alongside a media unit or in an office space.

At Post Design, we continuously try to bring unique, exciting pieces to our platform. We feel that this drop definitely meets that criteria, without the need to empty your pockets.

Dressers, wall units, tables and more have been added to our site, fully staged, photographed, dimensioned, and ready for a viewing.

We hope to see you soon!

About the Authors

Amanda & Jp and the brains behind Post Design Collective, one of Toronto's premier retailers of vintage seating, lighting and home decor accessories.

Post Design Collective specializes in a range of high quality, authentic vintage furniture from the Mid-Century era. With most of their pieces being created, designed or manufactured between 1940-1975, they also have traveled from all around the world including, but not limited to, Denmark, Sweden, and North America.

While their primary focus is on Teak, Walnut and Rosewood pieces, Post Design Collective also carries pieces made of fibreglass, enamel, steel and brass.

You can reach Post Design Collective at:

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