Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Today’s guest post comes from Amparo Findlay, owner of Toronto-based interior design firm Amparo Findlay Interiors.

The idea for this article came during a conversation I had a few months ago with a friend of mine who considers herself an amateur interior designer. To be fair, she definitely has a natural talent for interior design & home decor and is obsessed with all things design….following social media feeds, reading all the magazines, watching all the tv shows, etc.

During our conversation, I asked her if she thought she could renovate a house just as well as an educated, certified, experienced and 100% legitimate interior designer?

  • She said YES

  • I, being a good friend…and slightly afraid of her….agreed.

But it got me thinking….when it comes time to renovate my home….should I hire an interior designer?

What does an interior designer do that a super-stylish person like my friend can’t do?

This is the question that I posed to interior designer Amparo Findlay. Here’s what she had to say:

Should I hire an interior designer?

I believe a qualified designer is your best investment when undertaking a home décor project or new renovation. With a highly attuned sense of the design elements, design professionals implement these principles to create meaningful and harmonious interiors. The value that they provide will maximize the investment of your home and provide ongoing enjoyment of a space that will truly feel like your own personal sanctuary of elegance and comfort. 

A trained designer will approach each project with a fresh assessment of the potential that lies within any space. This conceptual phase uncovers the many possibilities, waiting to be revealed in the form of a workable design solution.  An interior designer’s unique creative expression will ensure your requirements and preferences are achieved with a splash of flair and possibilities that you never even imagined! Having a solid vision lays the groundwork for planning the multiple steps and details required to complete the design. 

An interior designer is trained to utilize the many drawing programs required to deliver the drawings, elevations, and 3D visualizations to communicate your design.  We will develop and provide documents in the form of sketches, drawings, details and schedules to ensure accuracy, budget guidelines and effective communication with your trades and/or contractor.

For example, scale is a critical design element and having accurate representation, in the form of design documents, ensures that everything will fit and feel proportionate.  A fully developed design document package will provide the necessary information to obtain reliable and accurate quotations. Based on buildable solutions, and specifications, this will help establish a correct and  workable budget. Your general contractor or builder will appreciate having the information in place to communicate with trades effectively so the schedule unfolds efficiently and costly errors are avoided. Working with a designer insures that important decisions are made well in advance of the renovation start date. They will guide you through the multitude of decisions that need to be made while staying true to the vision and mindful of the budget. Confirming the availability of materials reduces your stress, while making sure the builder/contractor has what he needs to get the job done. A smooth schedule saves you money and allows you to return to your home as planned.

Having a competent designer on your team means convenience as it frees up your time for more enjoyable activities and provides the work/life balance that busy professionals require to focus on their careers and families.  There are infinite tasks and details that need to be taken care of and checked off our constantly expanding lists, to ensure your new space fulfills and exceeds your expectations. We thrive on delivering beautiful spaces that you will continue to feel wonderful in. We live and  breathe our projects and are committed to fulfilling the infinite tasks that go into achieving such success. Naturally, the project oversight requires a great deal of time. Working with a qualified designer frees up your valuable time and ensures that the myriad of functions happening on a daily basis during a home renovation or décor project, are carefully monitored and addressed.   Oftentimes, a site condition may require a new solutionWith our extensive knowledge and experience, we will  trouble shoot and adjust as needed. Disruption to the schedule is minimized and money is saved.

Designers can save their clients a ton of money and time. With a keen sense of imagination and creativity, we are trained to see the potential amongst hidden gems. We can mix & match expensive pieces with less expensive finds to achieve the desired look with style and flair. Within a realistic budget, we will provide the best possible options because of our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. Our access to trade resources and preferred pricing is a huge benefit to the client. Endless trips to showrooms are avoided because we target the correct supplier for your needs.

Our combined years of experience has given us access to professional trades and sources. These invaluable resources are a huge benefit to clients who might not otherwise know who to call upon. We are grateful to have a team of skilled professionals to assist  with the building of our carefully thought-out designs. We are delighted with our team of artisans, upholsterers, workrooms and cabinet makers. They will deliver quality products made with our outstanding attention to detail and workmanship, for you to enjoy for many years. 

Their skill and professionalism are the key to providing the highly custom finishing details that provide the flair and luxury not otherwise found online or off the shelf.

Our homes are our biggest investment, a source of pride and a place to return to, for family gatherings and entertaining friends.  Working with an interior designer ensures that your priorities will be addressed and personified into a truly remarkable outcome.

About Amparo Findlay

Amparo Findlay is a Toronto based designer specializing in residential interiors.  Her love of creating exquisite spaces is born from a desire to achieve calm and relaxing environments for her clients to feel wonderful in.  Through her signature design approach, she listens closely to provide workable solutions to fulfill each client’s design objectives and lifestyles. Her design aesthetic is inspired by a balance between a timeless elegance and a contemporary vision, and all within an exquisite and comfortable interior.

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