Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on Adam Fullerton

Today's Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Adam Fullerton, one of Toronto's premier Custom Metal Fabricators.

What brands does Adam Fullerton represent?

Adam’s custom metalwork includes steel doors and partitions, display cases, stairs, hand rails, guard rails and a wide range of metal furniture

Store Locations

The Adam Fullerton showroom / metal fabrication shop is located at 22 Ingram Drive, Unit 3 in Toronto’s Castlefield Design District.

Company History

Adam has worked in skilled trades all his life. Adam was always interested in interior design and architecture but the traditional entry points for such carriers didn't appeal. He spent 10 years in automotive body repair, restoring classic cars and building hot rods. He worked construction jobs with wood, concrete, even heritage masonry work here in Toronto.

All of this experience has given Adam the skills to do what what he does today and led him back into design and architecture.

Adam started selling products he made in London England starting in 2012. In 2015, Adam moved back to Canada early 2015 and set up shop here in Toronto.

What makes Adam Fullerton unique?

Adam is an approachable responsive metal worker who delivers high quality work on time and on budget.

What's new in store?

There’s always something new in store at Adam Fullerton. Adam’s focus on custom, one of a kind pieces makes Adam a true gem in Toronto’s interior design & home decor marketplace.

Adam Fullerton - Plans for the Future

Adam’s plans for the future features more and more and more of his high quality custom metal work. His dedication towards improving his skills and upgrading his fabrication shop’s equipment means that the complexity and scale of Adam’s work is continuously reaching new heights.

Contact Info

Douglas Robb