New Antique Auction at A.H. Wilkens

A.H. Wilkens’ first antique auctions of 2019 are taking place in their new home at One William Morgan Drive in Leaside, Toronto.

The auction will be held LIVE in their new showroom with telephone and advanced bidding. They also hold the auction online via LIVEAUCTIONEERS.COM.

Auction items will be previewed in-store on Sunday, January 20th from 12 to 4pm and Monday, January 21st from 12 to 7pm.

Click here for a complete listing of the upcoming A.H. Wilkens auctions.

A.H. Wilkens is located in Leaside at One William Morgan Drive

A.H. Wilkens is one of Toronto’s premier sources of vintage / antique / reclaimed items.

Douglas Robb