What's New at Shayne Fox Hardware

One of my absolute favorite hardware artists/manufacturer in the world - Shayne Fox Hardware - is proud to announce two brand-new hardware collections.

Please note, Shayne is working on the moulds for these wares and the pieces will be ready for purchase in the coming weeks. 


Inspired by imagery from a Mexican cave system that houses some of the planets largest crystals ever found, Shayne’s new series of cast bronze hardware features the SFH signature organic and modern aesthetic with a pronounced crystalline surface texture.

Currently on offer in this series is  a 12" handle, a 7" handle, a 3" handle, a knob and a 2" ring pull.  The NIKA wares have a bit more of a glam, maximal dressed up vibe but are still suited for transitional or modern spaces.


The SKEW collection for Shayne Fox Hardware came about due to Shayne’s desire to create wares with more rounded, organic and curved shapes. While the end result is still quite linear and architectural, we did manage to make the bronze feel as though it were twisted and deviating from a straight line, skewed. This line will consist of a 2" hook/handle, a 3" handle, a 7" handle and a 12" handle. For now that is!

Shayne Fox Hardware is one of Toronto's premier creators and retailer of hardware.

Shayne Fox Hardware is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To reach them, email them at info@shaynefoxhardware.com or find them on Instagram

Douglas Robb