Today’s guest post comes from blogger Evelyn Paulson. Evelyn blogs about home improvement, home renovation, and interior designs.

Today, Evelyn is gifting us with four tips to help choose the perfect lighting for our homes.

The lighting in our homes is not something we notice inherently. To some, it is just part of the house's functionality that comes to some good use at night. The mood and feel of the home are helped but not always immediately attributed to good lighting. This is the dilemma that lighting faces; when it's done right no one notices, but when done poorly, that's all people talk about.

So how do you choose the right lighting for your home that brings out the best for space? Here are a few tips.

Focus on Functionality

Our lights primarily serve a purpose and that is to help us see; those that we choose for our outdoor space is for security. Before you get caught up with all the specifics, consider the main purpose of getting the light fixtures in the first place. There is no use buying the gorgeous and ambient LED light bulb only to find it hard to cook in the kitchen or even read in your living room. Exterior lights should also be able to provide enough light to illuminate your property and avoid dark hidden spots. Garages, patios, and porches should have the right fixtures in them enough to secure your property.

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Use Multiple Light Sources

Opting for multiple light sources in rooms such as the kitchen, living spaces, and bedrooms can greatly help you do multiple tasks in those rooms. The kitchen can benefit greatly from the use of task lights such as under counter lights. A well-lit kitchen can really help the efficiency of your food preparation. It would be apt to place lamps beside the couch in the living room to provide great lighting for when you want to read. The bathroom should have lighting that should be free from any glare or shadow.

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Choose Bulbs Wisely

The type of light fixture you want to be installed in your home should not be your only problem, the type of lightbulb is also equally important. Bulbs come in a variety of types: halogen, fluorescent, and LED bulbs are all great options for your home. Selecting the right bulb that will fit the room is almost as crucial as selecting the colors on the wall. For walls that are painted in cool tones, consider going for bulbs that provide a warm glow, and vice versa; select bulbs that emit a cooler glow to illuminate a dark room.

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Your Ceiling Height Matters

When selecting the proper light fixtures to get for your home, consider the height of your ceiling. There are some lights with rods or cables that can be adjusted for the ideal height, but there are those that can't. You want to avoid getting stuck with a light fixture that is too low or too high. This is especially crucial in the dining room where table height must be considered too. As a general rule, a light fixture should hang about 28 to 34 inches from the surface of the table. The size of the light, though, makes a difference. A larger fixture can be moved higher while a smaller light can be moved lower.

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Evelyn Paulson is a passionate blogger who loves to share tips on home improvement, home renovation, and interior designs. She is currently working with Liquid LEDs, which offers best led lights designed specifically for Australia’s lighting environment.  

Evelyn Paulson