Farrow & Ball - 3 new colour schemes for your home

Farrow & Ball has come up with 3 new colour schemes for your home:

Scheme One: Bedroom

After what seems like a decade of greige, a return to warmer neutrals is making a return. But before you think F&B is calling for a return to MAGNOLIA, take a look at Jitney

This earthy colour sits somewhere between the more traditional Oxford Stone and greyer Elephant's Breath. Though muted, it is incredibly uplifting and reminds us of lazy days by the sea - hence sharing its name with the bus that whisks New Yorkers out of the hot city to the similarly coloured sandy beaches of the Hamptons.

Jitney painted walls, combined with a Skimming Stone ceiling and deep Tanner’s Brown on the skirting boards is an unexpected touch but keeps to the same undertone as the wall colour for a cohesive feel.

Scheme Two: Kitchen

A “pink & blue” kitchen might seem a little crazy at first blush, but Farrow & Ball is a big fan of unexpected colour combinations to breathe life into a room. Their combination of Sulking Room Pink walls and De Nimes woodwork when paired with classic white cabinetry, backsplash and ceiling serves to blend the classic with the contemporary in a truly harmonious way.

Scheme Three: Living Room

Green is having a moment in 2019. Farrow & Ball’s Treron hued living rooms are both equally sophisticated. Living room #1 is for those who prefer a classic combination, with School House White on the skirtings and ceiling. Living room #2 is a little more bold…with the ceiling and skirtings painted with moody blue De Nimes. To complete the living room conversion, F&B suggests re-painting your furniture pieces with a coat of Modern Eggshell, as they did with this Bancha dresser.

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Douglas Robb