5 Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room and Create Space

You're stuck with a cramped apartment, so what? It's still a space you can call your own, a chance to make it your nest of peace and tranquility if you know what you're doing.

Contrary to popular belief, expansive isn't always the best way to go. Sometimes, we benefit more from the small and intimate setting we create in our home. These are great places to have conversations; they're easy to maintain and keep tidy.

And above all, you won't have to get with so many furniture or decorations to fill it. It's even easier to hide certain types of spy equipment. Here are some other tips you can do to decorate a small living room and create space.

Let the light in

If you have been blessed with a living room oozing with natural light, then make use of it, don't block it out with curtains or blinds. One way to create the illusion of space in a tiny room is through lighting, and the best kind of lighting is natural lighting.

It doesn't matter if your windows are small or large, as long as the light is streaming through it, it's more than enough. Painting walls in light shade will allow light to bounce off of it and scatter around the room. Using semi-transparent shades will allow light to enter even when it's drawn.

Scale it

Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean you're not allowed to make big statements. There's a big difference between proportion and clutter, and you are encouraged to play with the first one. Playing with scale means choosing bold item pieces and pairing them up with subtle ones.

A big lighting fixture will certainly draw the attention up towards the ceiling and going for neutral furniture is going to be its perfect complement

Pick a big rug

A time-honored trick in many compact Parisian apartments is to choose a gorgeous ornamental rug in bold patterns to create the illusion of space in the room. This is because a large piece of rug that almost takes up the entire room doesn't break up the floor space and instead unifies it.

Now the floor can have a focal point where the rest of the furniture and ornaments are anchored. Having corning seating is also going to maximize the space out of our limited one.

Keep it quaint and cozy

Sometimes the best solution to a small space is just embracing it wholeheartedly. There can be merits to having a small space. For one thing, making it cozy and comfortable is going to be easy.

Keep the seating close and intimate, and go for pieces that are either plush or overstuffed. Include also a thick rug for a better ambiance. A nice family room or a den will surely benefit from this style of decoration.

Go for a darker paint

Dark and glossy walls will help create a classy and sophisticated backdrop for simple and clean pieces. Even statement pieces in bold and playful colors will benefit from having a dark backdrop. Think jewelry boxes, the insides of which are always in a darker shade for jewelry to stand out more.

The same goes for smaller room around the house if you go for a darker shade of paint. For an even better effect, paint the ceiling in the same shade as the wall to extend the sense of intimacy further. Then you can experiment with bright furniture and statement pieces.

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