6 Interior Design Tips for your Airbnb Listing

A great visual first impression is everything! Whether shopping for a place to eat, a pair of jeans or a place to stay, first impressions matter. As an Airbnb host, you want your listing to stand out amongst a screen full of other spaces vying for attention. A great first impression is just as important as the location and rental price. A well-designed space can make all the difference.

Designing your Airbnb space involves much more than placing the furniture. Your Airbnb's interior design sets the mood and influences the visitor's experience. Creating an Instagram worthy design will result in higher demand for your property, great reviews, and free marketing.

Show personality, not personal items

The design style of your property should not reflect your personal design style. Your focus should be on your prospective customers. The design should be neutral so it appeals to more people. Even better would be if the style of the home can reflect the personality of the city it’s in. If your property is in Sante Fe, your clients shouldn’t feel like they are staying in a New York loft. You can achieve this by:

  • adding faux plants that are native to the area,

  • including several pieces of local art,

  • utilizing a color palette that is inspired by the surroundings.

It is also best to eliminate all signs that you live there, such as personal photographs and trinkets. The client should be able to envision themselves in the space. The interior design of your Airbnb space should appeal to your vast clientele, not you.

Beautiful but functional

As much as I love a white sofa, it’s not practical for a rental property. You want your guests to feel like they can enjoy the space without having to be fearful of ruining it. Instead of a white sofa, opt for something darker. In addition to the choice of furniture color, you should choose fabrics that are made from a durable and washable material like leather. Dark colored rugs or ones that have a pattern are much more forgiving and able to hide dirt and foot traffic.

Room to entertain

Make sure your Airbnb has enough seating for its occupants and then some. The more people that can be accommodated, the more guests you will attract.

Think of conversational seating arrangements in which all seats face the middle of the room. This arrangement encourages interaction as opposed to the typical family home arrangement in which furniture is often oriented towards the TV.

If seating space is limited, try placing ottomans at the foot of chairs, in front of the fireplace, or tucked under a console table so they can easily be pulled into the space as needed.

Attention to Details

Consideration and attention to detail will surely be noticed. Going the extra mile to make sure your clients have everything they might need during their stay will pay off in return business. Important information can be worked into your interior design. Write the wifi address password on a chalkboard in the kitchen or on a stylish placard next to the night stand. And who doesn’t like board games? Having a variety of rainy day activities such as board games or cards is always appreciated and sure to be loved by your guests.

Be Hotelesque

Staying in a home versus a hotel has many advantages such as more spacious living areas and a greater sense of privacy. But just because it’s a rental property does not mean it can’t have the luxury feel of a hotel. Give your home that hotel vibe by using good lighting, updated furniture pieces, and special touches such as fresh flowers, bathroom necessities, and blackout curtains.

Memorable Pops

While keeping the majority of the design neutral, don’t be afraid to take a risk and add some bold design elements that pop! You might try painting the front door a bold color, select a colorful accent piece such a chair or pillows, or even use some fun wallpaper!

Designer Bio:

Autumn Williams is a professional interior designer for Havenly, an online interior design platform making design more accessible through affordability and personalization. Autumn excels at creating a modern take on a classic design, and loves a good Restoration Hardware showroom. Her favorite element to incorporate in design are faux sheepskins throws, a definite go-to in her work because “They work well in any design style and give the space added texture and comfort!” Autumn loves virtual design because she’s able to design homes all over the world.

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