IKEA Introduces the SYMFONISK WiFi Speakers Collection to Toronto

Want a great sounding Sonos wifi speaker system without paying the price of a great sounding Sonos wifi speaker system?

If you answered yes, you should definitely check out the new SYMFONISK WiFi Speakers at your nearest Toronto IKEA showroom.

According to sonos, the SYMFONISK range of WiFi speakers is designed to democratize the home sound system.

Combining our expertise in sound and technology with IKEA knowledge of home furnishing, SYMFONISK WiFi speakers seamlessly fit into the home to enhance everyday life and integrate with the Sonos system.

And the price is definitely AMAZING!!!!

Ikea Symfonisk wifi speakers toronto

But maybe you’re the type of person who needs to really test out a wifi speaker collection atIkea’s first-ever house party….exclusive for IKEA family members. As they say, come for the music and food, stay for the fun activities, buy a ridiculous amount of IKEA stuff and get into a MASSIVE fight with your significant other :)

Seriously, click here if you want to rock out at IKEA.

ikea house party symfonisk wifi speaker
Douglas Robb