Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on Resource Furniture

Today's Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Resource Furniture.

Resource Furniture specializes in transforming furniture such as wall bed systems with seating, desks, or dining tables. They also offer modular sofas, swivel chairs, extending  tables, freestanding media systems and decorative wall coverings, all from the finest vendors in Europe.

What brands/designers does Resource Furniture represent?

Resource Furniture is a proud distributor of Clei furniture, in addition to many other premium European designers and manufacturers.

Store Locations

Resource Furniture has showrooms all throughout North America with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Mexico City.

Company History

Resource Furniture was founded in 2000 by Ron Barth and Steve Spett. In 2007, they brought transforming furniture to the North American market, forever changing the U.S. furniture landscape. By carefully curating a collection of high-end, multipurpose solutions, Ron and Steve gave birth to a new category of furnishings: Space-Saving Furniture.

With showrooms located throughout the continent, and a robust online presence, Resource Furniture continues to offer products that speak to a lifestyle of efficiency and good design.

What makes Resource Furniture unique?

Resource Furniture offers space-saving wall beds, tables, and more from the finest European designers and manufacturers. Our goal is to offer products that provide efficiency and flexibility in the home with good design, and without sacrificing comfort.

What's new in store?

Triplo, the new media and library system from Turati (pictured above), plus the continuous development of new and unique wall beds from Clei.

Plans for the future

Resource Furniture will continue to push the boundaries on what is possible for contemporary home design. Our Contract Division looks to partner with the best developers and designers for bold solutions, and we look forward to working with customers in our showrooms or online.

Contact Info

Resource Furniture is one of Toronto's premier retailers of bedroom furniture, seating, tables, shelving & storage, office furniture, rugs & carpet

The Resource Furniture showroom is located in the King East Design District at 322 King Street East

You can contact Resource Furniture at our website or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Douglas Robb