Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on Imperial Rug Galleries

Today's Interior Design Toronto spotlight shines on Imperial Rug Galleries, one of Toronto's premier retailers of hand knotted area rugs.

What brands do Imperial Rug Galleries represent?

Imperial Rug Galleries doesn’t carry specific brands or designers most people would be familiar with.  They personally go overseas to select artisan-made rugs to ship back to their GTA showrooms. Imperial’s focus has always been on providing high quality rugs at a reasonable price.

Store Locations

Imperial Rug Galleries has showrooms in Toronto in the King East Design District at 232 King Street East and in Oakville at 346 Lakeshore Road East.

Company History

Imperial Rug Galleries is a true family owned and operated success story. Since 1901, the Tootikian family has been selling and servicing hand-knotted rugs in the Toronto area. They personally travel overseas to India, Pakistan, Nepal and surrounding regions to select the rugs they bring to their GTA showrooms.  Their main focus is on selecting rugs with exceptional wools and silks that can be used in any room in your home.

What makes Imperial Rug Galleries unique?

Imperial Rug Galleries are now in their 4th generation running this true “family business”.  They offer very durable, high quality hand-knotted rugs at a reasonable price because they deal directly with manufacturers overseas.  The level of service that we provide our customers is also second to none.

In addition to selecting the best hand knotted rugs from around the world, decades of experience selecting, maintaining, storing, repairing and cleaning hand knotted area rugs has been passed down from generation to generation to generation to generation….making Imperial Rug Galleries staff some of the most the most knowledgeable in all of North America.

What's new in store?

Colour, colour, and colour! After seeing way too much grey over the past few years, Imperial Rug Galleries are finally seeing a new appetite for rugs with more vibrant colours.  Luckily for Toronto shoppers, Imperial Rug Galleries has a lot of interesting abstract pieces that have gorgeous colour combinations that make great additions to any room without overpowering it.

Plans for the future

Imperial Rug Galleries will be introducing a line of rugs by a “as yet unnamed” designer later on 2019.  The collections will be exclusive to Imperial Rug Galleries and we’re very excited about it. 

Sadly, no matter how much I begged, they wouldn’t tell me the name of the designer…..just to stay tuned.

Contact Info

Douglas Robb