Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on ZeeZig Collective

Today's Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on ZeeZig Collective

ZeeZig Collective specializes in the creation of hand-made, 100% Canadian, all natural wooden lighting fixtures.

Sadly, that description doesn't begin to do justice to the people behind ZeeZig Collective or their signature piece - the Ovo

ZeeZig Collective is made up of two young artisans who, in their own words....

"have harnessed our genetic predisposition to perfection and aesthetic purity to present a new approach to design. With a generations-old fascination with natural geometry and form, we (ZeeZig founders Daniil and Zeyad) have at last harnessed their collective creative energy and declared, "Let there be light!”.

Obsessed with answering questions of infinity with finite tools, we have manufactured instruments, which have been tuned to pick up frequencies of orderly chaos. Reverberations of the Beginning, these rapid-fire fragments of creation embody the archetypal shapes and forms that permeate the fabric of our existence".

As a cynical Torontonian with almost zero artistic talent, my natural response to such an impassioned speech about a lighting fixture would normally be a gigantic eye roll. this particular case, we had already been swapping DMs and emails after finding pictures of their Ovo light on Instagram.....and I had fully bought into the passion and commitment these young craftsmen bring to their craft.

So when they started talking about "frequencies of orderly chaos", I was already 100% on-board.

While I will probably never fully grasp the natural geometry and painstaking work that goes into creating a single Ovo light fixture, I do fully grasp how ZeeZig Collective have turned wood and light into something truly breathtaking. These things are GORGEOUS!!!!

And these pictures don't even come close to doing justice to the Ovo. In "real life", the Ovo has the same zen-like quality of staring into a campfire. The light coming through and around the patterned surface is a good way.

How do I get my hands on the ZeeZig Collective Ovo light fixture?

ZeeZig is currently operating as an online store. Here is their website's contact page. You can also reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

What are ZeeZig's plans for the future?

As the creation of a single Ovo light fixture is an incredibly time-intensive activity for this two-person collective, their initial product launch is focused on the Ovo. They have plans to make a smaller version of the Ovo...approximately, half the size of the current model.

The current Ovo model is 29 in tall, but light weight enough to be carried by one hand. The design makes it very delicate so it is a bit fragile.

A tentative date for the new model is two months from the date of this article.

Contact Info

  • As mentioned above, ZeeZig Collective is one of Toronto's premier lighting retailers.

  • Their lighting fixtures are available from their website.

  • You can also reach them on Instagram and Facebook.

Douglas Robb