Interior Design Toronto - Spotlight on Powell & Bonnell Home

Today's Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Powell & Bonnell Home.

Powell & Bonnell Home offers one of Toronto's finest selections of furniture, lighting and textiles. Their furniture collection includes seating, tables, mirrors and a really fantastic canopy bed.  Their lighting range includes wall sconces, pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps. Their textile selection focuses on a collection of great textures and colours that work beautifully in residential settings but were originally crafted for a more commercial market, so they wear like iron!

What brands/designers does Powell & Bonnell Home represent?

Since 1996, Powell & Bonnell has been creating their eponymous line of furnishings, lighting and textiles. Their widely celebrated collection of over 150 products is crafted in North America and is intended for residential and commercial application. The Powell & Bonnell collection of lighting, mirrors, seating, tables and textiles are available to the trade through a total of 19 showrooms throughout Canada, USA and Mexico and are distributed internationally directly through Powell & Bonnell.

In addition to their own product line, Powell & Bonnell Home carries a line of mirrors designed by Diane Watts

Store locations

The Powell & Bonnell studio is found in Midtown Toronto at 236 Davenport Road. This is the place where the Powell & Bonnell product line is designed. Unlike most design studios, Powell & Bonnell uses their front window display that they use as a "laboratory" to showcase new ideas and solicit feedback on design prototypes.

On a personal a resident of the Annex, I always enjoy walking past the Powell & Bonnell window to see what's coming down their design pipeline.

For retail shoppers, Powell & Bonnell Home products can be found just a short walk down the strret from their studio in the brand-new South Hill Home showroom at 146 Dupont Street. In addition to their Canadian showroom, Powell & Bonnell has 14 American showrooms.

Company History

The doors of Powell & Bonnell were opened in 1990, in the face of a recession.  Founders David Powell and Fenwick Bonnell both were illustrators who rendered interiors for other designers. 

They found themselves designing the spaces as they rendered so they decided to open a studio and design for themselves.  At that time there were not as many choices when sourcing furnishings as there are today and there certainly wasn't any online shopping so they found themselves designing custom pieces for private clients. 

The reaction was very positive to these pieces and soon there were enough of them to call a collection.  This was the birth of Powell & Bonnell (Home) which we use to distinguish between Powell & Bonnell (Design). 

15 years after that small collection was launched they have hundreds of products in their collection while focusing equally on the furnishing design and their private residential interior design practice. 

The design team is consistently growing, adding talent and skills to further both ends of the business.  In addition to the pieces that they ship all over the world, Powell & Bonnell designers travel the world...from New York to the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Paris, London, the Shetland Islands and beyond.               

Last year the two  sides of the company joined forces to participate in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Powell & Bonnell's contribution was designed and installed within a month including custom pieces of furniture ranging from lighting, upholstery and a very special table that mimics flowers floating in a pond. 

What makes Powell & Bonnell Home unique?

Everything Powell & Bonnell makes is both designed and hand crafted in Toronto, whether it's with one of our highly skilled millwork shops, upholstery shops, specialized mirror, plaster and resin artisan or metal shops. Powell & Bonnell is truly a Canadian company.

Being close to where things are being made means that P&B designers can watch the entire process and make sure it is crafted exactly how they and their clients imagined it. 

What's new in store?

There are always new products being developed in our studio New this spring is a collection called Bibliotec

The Jupiter Pendant is also new to the creation, made of plaster and fibreglass:

Plans for the future

Powell & Bonnell has recently been putting a lot of work put into their textile collection and within the next few months they will be re-launching the line.  According to their textile gurus, we can expect some great heathered wools, plush textures, vegan leather and a slick satin.

Contact Info

Powell & Bonnell Home is one of Toronto's premier retailers of seating, tables, lighting, textiles and home decor accessories.

Powell & Bonnell Home is located in Midtown Toronto in the South Hill Home showroom at 146 Dupont Street

You can contact Powell & Bonnell Home at their website and on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Douglas Robb