7 Tips for Keeping Your Wood Furniture Safe & Damage Free

Everyone knows the pain and heartache of seeing a gorgeous piece of wood furniture damaged by carelessness. We can spend a great deal at making sure our homes and furniture are protected. Employing a good roofing company for a good quality roof over our heads, installing climate control, covering pieces with cloth, but the best way to keep wood furniture safe and damage free is through constant vigilance.

1. Keep your wood furniture clean and dirt free

Time and time again, we have been told that to keep our wood furniture safe and scot-free. Indeed, it applies to all our possession, is to keep them clean and free of dust. This means cleaning them regularly with the proper cleaning products. 

Wiping stains off immediately is another way to ensure its beauty is untarnished. A great tip at ensuring the quality of your wood furniture is not diminished is to polish them regularly to seal the wood and keep moisture from seeping inside and causing any damage.

2. Keep your wood furniture away from open windows and damp walls

As you and a lot of people know, wood and water do not mix. Water can cause the wood to expand, causing it to become weak and brittle. It can even cause the wood to become disfigured. To ensure that your beautiful wood furniture is safe from water and moisture, move them away from windows and walls. 

Windows bring in moisture through the wind or from rain and walls attract a lot of moisture. By moving your furniture a few inches away from these places, you are helping keep them safe from water damage.

3. Store them properly

If you wish to put your furniture in long term storage, there are steps you need to take to keep them damage free. One is to make sure it is cleaned first before placed in storage. 

Also, make sure that the storage space has climate-control as an extreme environment can wreak havoc to wood. Also, make sure that you put down plastic on the concrete floor where your wood furniture is stored as moisture seeps through concrete.

4. Disassemble it for storage

Another great tip for storing wood furniture would be to disassemble pieces that can be disassembled before placing them in storage. This prevents damage as well as saves space. Also wrap each piece with cloth or paper, something that will absorb moisture and prevent it from reaching the wood.

5. Polish it regularly

There is a limit to how often you can polish your furniture before you are actually causing more harm to it, but the right amount is excellent at keeping wood furniture looking great and safe from natural damage. Polishing ensures that the wood seal is intact and waterproof.

6. Always use coasters

Everyone has had the misfortune of being reprimanded by a parent or a friend for not using a coaster. They actually have a good reason for this. Watermarks on the wood are unsightly and can cause a lot of damage to the wood, especially when it is allowed to sit for a long time. Coasters offer a cheap way of protecting your beautiful furniture.

7. Seek help from professionals

Antiques are beautiful and expensive home furnishing you wouldn't want to see damaged ever. While the previous tips can help in keeping them safe and damage-free, it is always a great idea to consult a professional for any special care they might recommend for certain pieces.

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